Our expert team members have extensive experience working as a direct extension of our clients, helping them shape the future of the medical industry by managing and delivering exceptional recruitment for healthcare research, human factors and usability studies. We have a proven ability to deliver in even the most challenging circumstances and revel in the opportunity to help clients push device development and patient outcomes forward in innovative ways.

Intelligent Collaboration

Selecting the right recruitment partner is key to the success of healthcare research. Discover how MediVoice Recruit delivers your recruitment needs:

global reach

Global Reach

Our extensive network spans 44 countries and 6 continents, enabling us to source even the most hard-to-reach respondents.

proven ability

Proven Ability

With 100% of minimum numbers reached and a 95% show rate, MediVoice Recruit has consistently delivered outstanding results.

fda compliant

FDA Compliant

Our expert team understands the importance of compliance. We work hard to ensure that we meet your quotas in line with FDA requirements.

Fixed Fees

Fixed Fees

Offering one point of contact and competitive fixed fees, we work to save our clients valuable time and expense, whilst delivering comprehensive recruitment and logistical services at a global level.

human factor

Human Factor Specialists

Our highly trained specialists are experienced in recruiting for usability and human factors research. We understand that recruiting the right quality participants and fulfilling quotas and sub quotas is key.

Bespoke delivery

Bespoke Delivery

No two client briefs are the same. Each project is approached on a bespoke basis, designed to ensure the best results in line with individual requirements.

Driving Innovation

Bringing on board a professional recruiter allows our clients to overcome complex obstacles generated by more difficult quotas and methodologies; mitigating risk, and ensuring the optimal management and delivery of all aspects of a study, from facility management to on-the-day support calls.

Our Recruitment Process

Covering General Healthcare and Device Market Research, Human Factors, and Usability Studies​

We understand that recruitment is often the most stressful part of healthcare research fieldwork. Our carefully curated, dynamic process allows our team to effectively manage recruiting across a wide variety of criteria and requirements.

We Build a Strong Strategy
Research! We arm ourselves with enough information to understand which quotas are feasible and where.
If the numbers look tricky, we’ll work alongside you to find solutions that ensure success, i.e., using multiple locations.
MediVoice Recruit Panel
We have our own online community of HCPs and patients, and our global team work alongside local recruiters overseas who really know their market.
We Get Creative
We complement the efforts of our recruitment network utilising social media, support groups, and referrals.
Chemistry is Key
We take the time to build relationships with support groups interested in furthering research.
We Never Give Up
We know how important your quotas are - especially when it comes to validation studies - so will work to ensure your targets are reached.
When the Going Gets Tough
We engage more local recruiters, ask for referrals, and incentivise gatekeepers.
Build a Connection
We are completely invested. You can trust that your recruitment is our priority. We treat our recruits with care, keeping them engaged for further research.
Knowledge is Power
We reflect on and learn from our experiences, looking to inform each aspect of our future recruits.

Our Values


Our open and honest approach means that we work together with our clients and partners in a transparent way, ensuring direct lines of communication are maintained throughout the recruitment process.


Relationships are our passion, and with this comes a desire to deliver excellent service at every touchpoint. While our team is vibrant and fun, our outstanding service is always our top priority.

Exceeding expectations

Doing well isn’t good enough for us. We play our part in improving patient outcomes and so we aim to go above and beyond for them. We understand the challenges and pressures that they face and we aim to face them together.


Teamwork is an essential element of MediVoice Recruit. We work together to exceed client expectations, and achieve outstanding results through our genuine support of each other.

Take Part in Research

Our expert team has provided support for influential studies for years, working as a partner in the development and optimisation of crucial technology across a wide range of areas. But we couldn’t have done it without our valued participants.

Whether you’re a healthy individual, have been diagnosed with a health condition, or are an HCP, we can help your unique insight make a difference. We’re actively recruiting across a number of paid research programmes and studies – from remote interviews to online surveys. All of our participants play a vital role in the creation of our clients’ life-changing medical devices.

Join them in making your voice heard.

MediVoice Recruit’s innovative approach to participant recruitment for healthcare research, human factors, and usability studies offers healthcare professionals, carers and patients across the globe the opportunity to help shape the future of vital medical devices, products and services. 

Healthcare Professionals

The expert insight of healthcare professionals is essential to the success of healthcare research across all areas. We recognise this importance – meaning we regularly recruit respondents across a wide range of medical specialisms and positions.


Our clients don’t know what it’s like to live with acute or chronic diseases, but you might. We’d like to help you speak out about your healthcare needs, and ensure your opinions are used to improve future medical devices and healthcare treatments.

Recruiting participants with a brain tumour

Read about how MediVoice Recruit managed the recruitment and logistics of studies around a drug delivery device for patients with less controlled Parkinson’s Disease.

Recruiting children with Junior Idiopathic Arthritis

MediVoice Recruit was asked to recruit for a hard to reach group, adolescents between the ages of 10-17 with JIA all with the added challenge of completing during the pandemic. Take a look at how the team got on with this tricky recruit.

Managing HF Studies for A Rare Condition

Read about how the MediVoice Recruit managed the recruitment and logistics of a programme of Human Factors studies around a drug delivery device for patients with a rare condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HF medical?

In the realm of medical research for devices, Human Factors (abbreviated to HF) is a critical phase in gaining approval for new products. It assists manufacturers in the optimisation of the device design and production process, utilising the knowledge and opinions of real people to identify issues likely to impede on performance. In addition to this, HF provides feedback as to the performance of a device within a typical user setting, ensuring opportunities for improvement are identified.

According to the BSI, completing HF research at an early stage in the design and development process is a key preventative measure against badly designed medical devices. Without HF, new products wouldn’t make it to market.

What is a fieldwork agency?

In market research, the term fieldwork refers to the collection of primary data from external sources, often followed by processing, analysis, and reporting. The fieldwork process may include a wide variety of methodologies covering both quantitative and qualitative, including observation, surveys, interviews, and focus groups. In the medical field it is imperative that all research and data processing is conducted in line with set standards to meet strict guidelines set out by organisations such as the FDA.

Dedicated healthcare fieldwork agencies work to organise and conduct market research on behalf of device manufacturers and are highly trained across a range of regulations and guidelines, including data protection. By working to gather suitable respondents across even the most specific or ‘difficult’ criteria, recruiters can ensure fieldwork happens.

Why do market research?

When applied to healthcare, research is an essential factor in all stages of the production and distribution of effective medical devices and services. There are various forms of research that take place during the development and commercialisation of new products, from ideation research, through human factors, usability and concept testing, and on to price testing and marketing testing. This research can be qualitative in nature (understanding the who? what? where? when? why? and how?) or quantitative (generating robust data used to support further planning and decisions). From helping manufacturers identify which areas of the device perform well in a daily setting to identifying likely users, market research is imperative to success.

In short, market research is critical to making a positive impact in the evolving medical landscape.

MediVoice Recruit offers recruitment services covering both qualitative and quantitative research, including face-to-face research, video interviews, simulations, and surveys.

How do you screen participants in research?

Screening is an essential part of recruitment for any study but is particularly relevant to healthcare research - offering researchers the initial opportunity to confirm a patient, caregiver or Healthcare Professional’s eligibility for a specific study or project.

MediVoice’s clients are typically seeking a specific type of participant. Screening will be optimised to find this target participant and may cover areas such as simple demographics (age, gender, medical requirements), or even abstract factors such as mindset.

Screening questionnaires are most often the most effective in identifying a set of individuals whose specific characteristics align with a predefined set of criteria. It should be noted that our screening processes are conducted in line with the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association’s (BHBIA) guidelines.

What is healthcare market research?

Healthcare research (within the context of market research) typically involves the organised collection of information used to inform a number of processes and decisions, including the creation or improvement of both new and existing medical devices, the discovery of market opportunities, expansion, advertisement, and general business plans. Healthcare market research or medical research may cover both qualitative and quantitative methodologies including interviews, focus groups, observations, surveys, questionnaires, and trials with patients, HCPs, and carers.

Healthcare market research may be undertaken on an internal basis by manufacturers and medical groups, but is most often ‘outsourced’ to reliable fieldwork and research organisations to ensure regulatory compliance and quality.

How do you recruit volunteers for a research study?

Recruiting participants for a research study can prove difficult, especially in healthcare where studies often call for hard-to-find respondents or challenging demographics. Whilst traditional outreach routes such as physician recommendation, email campaigning, and advertising may work to an extent, partnering with a healthcare-specific recruiter often proves the most precise, efficient and cost-effective method of recruitment.

Employing a specialist recruitment agency such as MediVoice Recruit is one of the best ways to source high-quality respondents for a healthcare research study. With access to expansive databases across a wide number of demographics and conditions, and established relationships with hard-to-find respondents and partner agencies, MediVoice Recruit can assist greatly in meeting quotas promptly, whilst adhering to strict industry regulations.

How do you optimise patient recruitment?

Participant recruitment is key to successful completion of healthcare research. MediVoice Recruit works diligently to optimise recruitment by minimising the risks involved such as no-shows or mis-recruits.

How do human factors affect health care?

Human factors research has a significant impact on the ever-evolving healthcare and medical landscape. Used frequently by medical device manufacturers to guide development and production, HF gives real device users the chance to provide feedback on both new and existing devices, helping manufactures accurately establish prevalent issues and areas for improvement, whilst observing how exactly their products are used in an everyday setting.

According to the BSI, completing HF research at an early stage within the design and development process is a key preventative measure against badly designed medical devices. Without Human Factors, medical devices cannot be approved, and therefore cannot be commercialised. It’s safe to say the impact of HF on healthcare is overwhelmingly positive, and cannot be understated.

What are the BHBIA Guidelines?

The BHBIA (British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association) provides guidelines for anyone working in the healthcare research field. This includes recruiters, researchers, HF agencies and manufacturers. These are relevant for UK-based companies regardless of whether they are working in the UK itself or overseas. The guidelines ensure that legal and ethical requirements are considered at each stage of a research project. In essence, these guidelines and requirements work to ensure all medical research is conducted ethically, and to a high set standard. MediVoice Recruit is proud to adhere to these guidelines, and further, meet all requirements.

What is a patient?

MediVoice Recruit divides the healthcare research participants it recruits into two primary groups: healthcare professionals (HCPs), and those diagnosed with an ongoing health condition of any type. For brevity, we may refer to the latter group as ‘patients’ - but do understand that those living with such afflictions are much more than a name, number, or diagnosis. We also understand that a vast majority of our participants don’t have acute conditions, but equally, would not want to be considered as having a chronic disease.

Your opinions and unique insight matter to us. If you’ve been diagnosed with an ongoing health condition, we’d like to help you speak out about your healthcare needs, and ensure your opinions are used to improve future medical devices and healthcare treatments. Register for our fully compensated healthcare research panels by clicking the ‘take part’ tab above.