• Dawei Zhang MediVoice Recruit

    Dawei Zheng

    Senior Recruitment Project Manager

  • Tamar Kirby MediVoice Recruit

    Tamar Kirby

    Recruitment Project Manager

  • Danai Markousi MediVoice Recruit

    Danai Markousi

    Recruitment Project Manager

  • Rivka Sutera MediVoice Recruit

    Rivka Sutera

    Recruitment Project Manager

  • Iain Hutchinson MediVoice Recruit

    Iain Hutchinson

    UK Finance Director

  • Sabrina Tartaglino MediVoice Recruit

    Sabrina Tartaglino

    Senior Recruitment Project Manager

  • Luci Talbot Clarke MediVoice Recruit

    Luci Talbot Clarke

    UK Operations Director

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Though each of our team members’ stories is different, we’re united by a shared passion for providing outstanding participant recruitment.

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